JAPANESE BEANS PASTE AKANEMARU 70 kinds of bean paste!

Akanemaru is the manufacturer which has been appreciated the most in terms of quality in Japanese bean paste industry.

AKAENEMARU Bean paste’s Shelf Life Frozen storage 1 year! Room temperature storage 90 days!
Four major features of Akanemaru Akanemaru was founded in 1940. We have supported Japanese confectionery and bakery industries with bean pastes since then.We have over 70 kinds of the fruit flavored bean pastes, which means the largest selection in the world.Our products are consumable for one year with frozen delivery, for 90 days after defrosting.Our Factory (Dainagon Co., Ltd.) has acquired ISO 22000 certification.
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Our bean paste products amaou ramune peach coffee marron mango yuzu greentea summerorange smoothanko
Special Offer We have many additional Bean pastes!We are looking for partner companies that will develop sales channels for our products abroad together. Please apply the e-mail form here if you are interested. As a bonus, you can download the following items.A complete set of product standard documentations with reference prices.Special Recipe collection using bean paste.
Recipe Sample 1 Mille-feuille Bread with Amaou strawberry-flavored bean paste A very rich taste recipe made with Amaou strawberry flavor butter pies. Recipe Sample 2 Yogurt Mousse Tart with Peach-Flavored bean paste Its peach bean jam with fruity flesh flavors, and refreshing yoghurt mousse make you feel the pleasant early summer. Recipe Sample 3 Cold Ramune Anpan It is a refreshing anpan that can be sold cold and blow off the hot weather. There are many other recipes! Register now!
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